Coral Gables

Letter: Coral Gables is still planning for the past

I fully support of the letter from Robert Ruano “Miracle Mile redesign is completely shortsighted.”

Shame on the City of Coral Gables commissioners and staff who have refused to pause and consider an option to include bike lanes because it will delay the process. This is a project of huge significance; it is the complete redesign of an iconic street that is the heart of our downtown area. It can be outdated before it has been constructed, or it can accommodate multiple modes of transportation, as is already done in cities around the globe. It can disregard the safety of all users of public rights of way, or it can incorporate separate and safe passage mechanisms for each.

Because of its importance, the Coral Gables Citywide Traffic Advisory Board twice recommended to the City Commission that they include bicycle lanes in the Miracle Mile Streetscape plan.

In an online survey of 188 respondents, 84% said they want bicycle lanes on Miracle Mile, and 82% said they would be more likely to shop there if there were bike lanes. This is consistent with the findings of virtually every study ever done. I have started an online petition with a goal of 250 signers to deliver to the City Commissioners. As of this writing we have almost reached this goal.( If you would like to sign the petition go to:

We now ask ourselves, what kind of city leadership do we have that proceeds with a plan that specifically states that if our visitors, families, grandparents and children want to shop or dine or Miracle Mile by bicycle, they are expected to ride in traffic in the middle of the street?

Debbie Swain, Coral Gables

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