Coral Gables

He used more than one credit card to buy gas. That’s when the cops were called.

Ariel Gamboa Yin
Ariel Gamboa Yin

Ariel Gamboa Yin tried to fill up his gas tank Thursday using more than one credit card at a Coral Gables Shell station, police said.

The behavior seemed suspicious, so someone called police.

What officers found, according to the Coral Gables Police Department: 27 fraudulent credit cards and a gas storage tank hidden in the bed of Yin’s 2006 Ford F350 truck.

Yin arrived at the station, 1492 S. Dixie Hwy., just before noon Thursday. Police say two of the 27 cards found were used to buy gas.

Gamboa Yin was arrested and charged with 27 counts of possession of fraudulent credit cards, one count in trafficking in counterfeit credit cards, one count of unlawful conveyance of fuel and one count of petite theft.

He remained in jail Thursday night on an $18,000 bond.