Coral Gables

Maternity concierge helps expectant parents get ready for new baby

When Lourdes Leon-Vega of Coral Gables got pregnant with her second child, she felt like she was starting over again in a new world. It had been 10 years since the birth of her first daughter, Linnette, and everything had changed. "It was all new products and new systems. I went shopping for baby things, and I didn’t know how many bibs or how many blankets to buy," Leon-Vega said.

At 29 weeks, Leon-Vega was diagnosed with placenta previa and put on bed rest. For several weeks, the Type-A mom was forced to rely on friends and family for help. After her daughter, Alexa’s, premature birth, Leon-Vega found herself back in the hospital with complications. With a background in healthcare, Leon-Vega thought there should be a system to help moms go through what she went through. Now she owns Tutti Bambini, a maternity concierge service and boutique.

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