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Beware of telephone scams, even if you’re on the ‘Do Not Call’ list

This week, it seems phone scams have reached their peak. Even I received one of the scams on my cellphone. I am on the “Don’t Call” list but they got my number anyway.

Let me share with you some emails from readers who’ve written about receiving scam calls.

▪ Don’t forget about phone scams. They are alive & well. I got a call from a woman the other day claiming she was with the IRS and they were getting ready to grab my property for back taxes. She said I needed to call her right away. I didn’t, because I knew it was a scam.

However, my daughter-in-law works for a church in Fort Lauderdale and one of their older members fell for this one and it cost her $4,000.00.

I got another call from a woman who said they we are getting ready to file suit on me and I or my lawyer needed to call her right away. I did not again.

Anyone can look up the phone number of these callers free on the White Page Reverse phone look up service. It showed in these two above cases, Scam-Fraud. — George Young

▪ Today, I received several scam phone calls, and thank God I read your column because they sound so convincing. The caller said that my bank was doing a testing and wanted me to confirm my account, date of birth and Social Security number. They called four times on the same day but my caller ID showed four different numbers, all with an area code of 202, which is Washington, D.C.

It was very nervewracking because each time they had something different to say regarding my account. I did not call back the number and when they called for the fourth time I picked up and told the young lady that I was contacting the police. I did not hear back from them again. It’s sad that so many people get caught by these people and there is nothing that can be done. — Elaine Good

▪ I have been taken for a couple of hundred dollars on a scam I should have known better but sometimes common sense gets blurred when it comes to money.

They said I had won a Publisher’s Clearing House prize but that I first had to call a number (which I did) and gave them the necessary information to collect my prize. Then they called me back and said I had to pay the tax on the prize which was $600, and of course I did (dummy me). I went to Western Union and sent them the money (a P.O. Box number). That was several weeks ago, and when I told my son, he told me that I had been scammed and that I was not going to get any prize.

He also showed me your column on scams. I feel like a fool and personally it was money I really didn’t have to spend. Please tell your readers, no matter what don’t send any money to anyone. Thank you for your column and I will read it faithfully from now on. — Glenda Morrier

Carmen Caldwell is executive director of Citizens’ Crime Watch of Miami-Dade. Send feedback and news for this column to, or call her at 305-470-1670.