Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove father goes missing after dropping off baby

A Coconut Grove father has been missing since Wednesday morning.

Camilo Salazar, 43, was last seen wearing blue-jeans and a green shirt as he walked out of an office building west of Coconut Grove. About 10:30 a.m. Salazar dropped off his newly born baby boy at his wife's Daisy Lewis' office at 2801 SW 31st Ave.

"He disappeared from the time he walked from the office to his car," said his cousin David Salazar, 39.

His 2002 white Chevy Trail Blazer four door with black tinted windows was left in the office building parking lot.

"They had just had the baby and were a very happy couple," said Jessica Levy, a friend of the family.

Salazar, who is of Colombian descent, lived in Coconut Grove. He runs a small company and has volunteered as an event planner at community events such a the St. Stephen's Arts Show and the Great Grove Bed Race.

"He doesn't have the lifestyle to runaway. He is a family man," said Salazar. "He just had a baby, has a 10-year-old daughter and is an incredible human being."

Salazar weighs about 180 pounds and is about six-feet tall.

Police are asking any one with information to call 305-603-6310 or e-mail