Coconut Grove

New exhibits planned for summertime Gallery Walk

The Gallery Walk is back next Saturday, June 4 from 7 to 10 pm.

Galleries all over Coconut Grove will feature new exhibits and offer refreshments.

The Coconut Grove Arts Festival Gallery’s opening reception of “ART-I-TECTURE” by Danish born designer and painter Hans Petersen will be a special event that night.. Based on architectural ideas and elements rooted in the Cobra movement, Petersen’s large-scale, colorful abstract expressionistic works will provide the viewer with both impact and pleasure.

Next door inside its Gallery II location at the Mayfair Atrium, the Coconut Grove Arts Festival Gallery will continue to exhibit “New Work,” a collection by master abstract artist George Bethea. Known for his sensuous, colorful and textured paintings, Bethea has also recently been announced as the gallery’s inaugural artist in residence.

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