Coconut Grove

Changes to the street scape in Grove

A nice crowd showed up at City Hall to hear about the street scene changes. It was stressed more than once that it is a work in progress and changes can be made at this point. The project will consist of two phases. 

Phase one will be the City/Grove owned streets, which is basically everything in the Center Grove except for the County owned streets which are Grand Avenue, Main Highway and McFarlane Road, those will be Phase Two of the project. Lighting is part of the projects, as well, so it's hardscape and landscape improvements.

Florida Avenue will be one of the first streets worked on. Lighting will be the first project. The first phase will start in late summer, this year.

Fuller Street is one of the problematic streets. The small sidewalks are not ADA compliant (American Disabilities Act compliant) and they need to be made wider to allow better access. Plus all the trees on Fuller seem to be diseased or have root problems and all will be replaced.

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