Coconut Grove

Grove Farmers Market boosts health and community

Every Saturday at 6 a.m. Stan Glaser packs up his white van with organic fruits and vegetables such as cactus leaves, lemongrass and papaya and drives from his farm in Homestead to an empty sand lot on the corner of Grand Avenue and Margaret Street.

By 10 a.m., the lot is transformed into the bustling Grove’s Organic Farmers Market with blue-and-white striped tents and long picnic tables.

“I showed up wanting to create a healthy, vibrant and psychedelic lifestyle for myself and other individuals, so I gravitated to organic, raw, vegan food,” said Glaser, who joined the market in 1979 with just a few boxes of mangoes and a passion for nutritious living.

Started in 1977, the market moved around for two years before securing its current location, 3300 Grand Ave.

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