Coconut Grove

Traffic light debate for Main and Commodore intersection

Most of last night's Village Council meeting was dedicated to the proposed traffic light issue at Commodore Plaza and Main Highway and while a few of the neighbors from the Cloisters development, right at that intersection, who brought up the issue with the county, were quite charming and friendly, I, along with most at the meeting feel that it is a self serving traffic light that is being considered so that the 40 people who live in The Cloisters have easy access out of their main driveway during rush hour times.

Awhile back, neighbors at The Cloisters development called the county to ask for a traffic study to see whether a traffic light would be a good idea at the entrance in and out of their development and it appears as if the county has jumped over backwards to try and accommodate these few people. My own neighbors have asked for this for years in the North Grove, along the same traffic route, but we have been ignored over the years by the county, we find it quite interesting that the county jumped at the request of The Cloisters neighbors, who chose to live at this busy intersection in Coconut Grove.

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