Coconut Grove

Feeding the Grove

Coconut Grove is one of the oldest communities in Miami. As in any other community you will find schools, plenty of churches and a sense of familiarity among residents not seen in many places.

Strangely enough, one thing you will not find in this neighborhood is a central supermarket, as you would expect in an expanding city with a rapidly growing population. This poses the question, where do the residents of the Grove get their food?

Instead of one big grocery store, the Grove is littered with small convenience stores where residents can pick up knick-knacks or any staple items missing from their food stock.

At stores like Ike’s Food Center, located on 3374 S. Douglas Road, residents can pick up basic necessities, such as milk, eggs, bread and household supplies. Most of the customers have shopping at Ike’s their whole lives, like their parents and grandparents before them. It is also the place to pick up special cuts of meat for family recipes, making it an essential part of the community.

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