Coconut Grove

Let's get real about the food trucks

The food truck argument is so silly. Variety is the spice of life, the Food Trucks bring something different once in awhile and add to a community rather than take away. A report called Tactical Urbanism says: "Food carts and trucks not only stimulate entrepreneurial activity, they serve a critical role in the activation of the public realm. Indeed,few people know where people tend to congregates well as a good food vendor, as his or her success relies upon high pedestrian volumes. In turn, a good food vendor, or groups of vendors quickly become an additional destination within already successful places of congregation."

In Portland, Oregon, they are regulated like restaurants. The report goes on to day: "From Los Angeles to Miami, smart cities not only lower the barriers to entry, but also nurture such businesses because they contribute to the city’s local economy and add a great sense of place."

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