Coconut Grove

Shady Grove struggles to bring awareness for employment services

Six months after Shady Grove Missionary Baptist Church volunteered itself to help the West Grove’s unemployed find jobs, only a small group of residents has received help.

It’s not the outcome church leaders anticipated.

“This life is about helping others and that’s what we’re trying to do,” said Maggie Porcher, the church’s CEO. She and her family have been behind the idea to offer the church as an Access Point satellite site for the South Florida Workforce.

The organization’s mission is to provide outlets for those actively looking for employment by assisting with job applications and sponsoring resume workshops and mock interviews.

Porcher and her daughter, Chamara Porcher, and son, Anthony Porcher Jr. were all trained by the South Florida Workforce. The training prepared them to help members of the community with lengthy applications and provide moral support.

“We try to help them knock down their inner demons and build their confidence,” Porcher Jr. said.

“It’s easy to back out of the job application process, it’s tedious, but we’re here to help,” he added.

Shady Grove became involved with the organization when Maggie Porcher reached out to Rick Beasley, executive director of the South Florida Workforce, and offered the church as a satellite center.

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