Coconut Grove

Pushing Grove Bucks

Grove Bucks is "money" printed up by the Coconut Grove Merchants Group. The Grove Bucks are usually handed out at various Coconut Grove events as prizes.

I presented Grove Bucks at the BID marketing meeting on Tuesday, for the Coconut Grove Merchants Group. We would like the BID to fund the bucks, as they do with many events. The Bucks are basically an event, without having to deal with putting on an event!

In the past, the BID has funded coupons, tickets and other things for other groups, and this will benefit the whole Grove, actually the whole BID area. Since they are funding the Bucks, it would make sense to just have businesses within the BID area participate, that does not include all of Coconut Grove, just basically the Central Business District.

For more information, visit Coconut Grove Grapevine.