Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove's Food Truck Fight

Friday afternoon, just like the previous Friday, Ms. Cheezious, the grilled cheese food truck set up shop behind Mayfair, on Florida Ave. and the throngs came out! It was as if the Grove was starving, literally, for something different. It was business as usual, right before the big food fight begins with the City, because of the new regulations regarding the gourmet food trucks.

I turned the corner and there I saw so many friends lined up for the cheesey goodness -- people I would not expect to see there. Friends from Shake-A-Leg were in line, one of the rangers from The Barnacle was there, people from offices and galleries and every other place were there. It was like Old Home Week. Some had read it in the Grapevine, others heard it through word of mouth and others got an email that was sent around.

I was told that people want these trucks to come around and that the City is going to have a mad fight on its hands now by trying to squash the trucks.

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