Coconut Grove

Things we need in Coconut Grove

This week, tourists and locals asked me where they can buy these things in the Grove:

Pots and pans; pillows; towels; eyeglasses. 

I had to send them all outside the Grove to get them. I asked friends on Facebook what they felt we needed in the Grove, what was lacking? This is some of the response:

More then one person asked for an arts and crafts store. Others asked for "a good vegetarian/organic restaurant." We do have The Last Carrot, so maybe they want another. Some asked for a Bed, Bath & Beyond-type store.

A Mac/Apple store was a choice of a few people, that would bring in lots of visitors since it's a destination store.

To read more about what people are saying about what's lacking in Coconut Grove visit Coconut Grove Grapevine.