Coconut Grove

CondomUSA offers HIV tests, too

Most people who have been to Coconut Grove have seen it—the bright lights, the not-so-everyday products in the window and the name that may raise an eyebrow or two: “CondomUSA.” Many who have seen it have been drawn inside.  Everyone who walks in finds a lot more than just condoms.

Besides the condoms, the sex toys and the novelty gifts, customers also find an assortment of posters displaying the effects of several sexually transmitted infections (STIs), as well as flyers advertising free HIV testing right in the store, 3066 Grand Ave., Coconut Grove.

“My intent was to make a difference, to educate people.  It was never about the money,” owner Jane Flaherty said during an interview over Valentines Day weekend. She opened the store April 20, 1992, to educate people about safe sex.

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