Coconut Grove

Top Dog Cycle puts a new spin on service

Cyclists come before the cash register at Top Dog Cycle, say the owners of the Grove’s newest bicycle boutique.

Married couple Jayne Bystrom and Peter Tan opened the store in November with a grand opening on Jan. 22. The duo manage the store with friend Jerry Mendez.

“It never feels like work here,” Mendez said. “It’s what we love doing; we come in here and we’re with our friends. It’s a healthy thing and everyone is doing it for a good reason.”

They wanted to open a shop that focused more on creating a community of cyclists than selling products.

“For many businesses, it’s just ‘sell, sell, sell,’ ” Bystrom said. “We want to give cyclists what they really need.”

At Top Dog Cycle, service ranges anywhere from teaching cyclists how to repair their own bikes to offering them a cup of coffee after a long ride.

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