Coconut Grove

Virginia Street transformed into holiday village

Saturday's Snow Days in Coconut Grove was a lot of fun -- for everyone. Virginia Street was transformed into a little holiday village.

The kids lined up and took turns playing in the snow in front of The Bookstore. It looked like a Christmas card. People lined up from The Bookstore all the way down to Starbucks at CocoWalk for a chance to play in the snow.

Santa arrived as he always does, on an only-in-the-Grove way -- via Rickshaw. The kids (and parents) went wild and everyone got a chance to sit on Santa's lap and have their photos taken.

Tourists saw all the activity from the tour buses and they hopped off to join in the fun. Free snow cones were also part of the mix. The line for the snow cones was also quite long. People didn't mind waiting in line for all the fun activities. Read more at