Coconut Grove

The Grove Spot provides its own version of a Dutch treat

It resembles a pub stolen from a European town where locals, tourists and college students can dine in a casual and homey environment that owner Olav Smit intentionally created for The Grove Spot.

The restaurant, 3324 Virginia St., opened in February as a “grand café,” where people from all walks of life can show up and have a good, affordable meal and experience, Smit said.

The Spot’s everyone-is-welcome policy keeps the restaurant busy in coming up with ideas that cater to its eclectic clientele.

From Sunday football specials that let customers take in a game shown on the restaurant’s large plasma screen TVs, to events that promote the restaurant’s varied beer selection, to the Friday night live music performed by local bands, the Spot gives customers a lot of reasons to check it out for the first visit, then to come back to try something different. Read more at