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Local pop rock musician to play in Aventura

Local indie pop-rock musican Gus Bryce will perform at the Apple Store in the Aventura Mall Friday at 7 p.m.. 

That's right -- the Apple Store hosts musical acts too, who serenade the iPhoneMacPadPod buying masses.

Should they stop to listen tonight, shoppers will hear in Bryce an earnest, talented young singer-songwriter in the mold of Jack Johnson or John Mayer. He's 22, and he writes the kind of heart-on-your sleeve ballads that make tweens swoon.

Like a lot of young musicans, Bryce is trying to break into the industry, and it should help that his lastest CD, "Inside Thoughts," was produced by Pete Masitti, who has worked with Shakira, Julio Iglesias Jr., Gloria Estafan, Jon Secada and other established acts. 

Bryce was born in Caracas, and moved to Weston with his family when he was 12. He used to listen to classic hard rock -- Metallica, Guns N' Roses and the like --- and played drums in high school, but when his brother introduced him to the Dave Matthews Band, there was something about a guy with a guitar that appealed to him. 

"Having that freedom, of just grabbing the acoustic guitar and expressing yourself that way, I just fell in love with that idea and started grabbing that acostic guitar more and more," he said. 

When he first started as a musican a few years ago, Gus Bryce was Gustavo Briceno. He found that his given name was difficult for fans to pronounce or remember, so he came up with the more anglicized version. He doesn't sing in Spanish. Since most of his musical influnces all perform in English, the language came more naturally to him when he started writing his own songs.

He promises that Saturday's show will be fun to watch. He for one, plans to enjoy it.

"Some of the songs are sounding better than ever," he said."When I play live it's more energetic than on the CD... I'm just gonna have fun and hope people like it."


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(Compiled by Anthony Cave)

AMC Aventura 24, 19501 Biscayne Boulevard, is hosting two special movie events, The Rolling Stones Flashback to 1972 on Friday and the Mosley vs. Mora fight on Sunday.

Miami Prime Grill, 16395 Biscayne Boulevard, will also be showing the Mosley vs. Mora fight on Sunday.

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