Miami-Dade County

4 South Florida lawyers recently reprimanded by the Florida Bar


Four lawyers from Miami-Dade or Broward were among the 26 statewide recently disciplined by the Florida Supreme Court for violations. Here are the details:

▪ Cooper City’s Marcy Abitz is suspended until further notice after, according to the Bar, she cashed a check for $8,961.35 mistakenly sent to her by an insurance company in March. While that was being investigated, Abitz got a 30-day suspension on April 5 for failing to respond to an official Bar inquiry.

▪ With four disciplinary cases pending against her, all involving alleged improper actions in real estate cases, Miami’s Sunilda Casilla asked for a disciplinary revocation. In effect, Casilla will be disbarred for five years, but the disciplinary cases against her will be closed.

▪ After 25 years, Miami’s Aubrey Rudd will be suspended from the bar until Aug. 1, 2019, after bad behavior as the settlement agent in two different real estate transactions — documents drawn up by Rudd indicated the borrowers put up thousands of dollars to close the transactions, but bank records said the borrower provided nothing.

▪ Fort Lauderdale’s David Rothenberg is both suspended and incarcerated after pleading guilty to one count of child pornography possession.