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Miami Herald, El Nuevo, WLRN recognized at Sunshine State Awards

Brenda Medina

Miami Herald, El Nuevo Herald and WLRN reporters and photographers were recognized over the weekend at the 2016 Sunshine State Awards.

The annual awards, given by the Society of Professional Journalists, recognizes exceptional work in several categories.

Special Categories

▪ Miami Herald reporter Carol Marbin Miller won the First Amendment Foundation Freedom of Information Award for “Bitter Pill,” a two-part story about how Florida rations care to children in need.

▪ WLRN-Miami Herald News won the Integrity Florida Award for Public Corruption Reporting for its License to Launder: Cash, Cops and the Cartels story.


▪ Miami Herald reporter Julie K. Brown and videographer/photographer Emily Michot won in the beat reporting category for crime and courts for “See No Evil,” a yearlong examination of the Florida prison system that zeroed in on Lowell Correctional Institution for women.

▪ Former Miami Herald reporter Michael Vasquez, videographer/photographer Emily Michot and former data specialist Chris Alcantara won in the beat reporting category for education for “Higher-Ed Hustle,” which examined for-profit colleges.

▪ Marbin Miller won in the beat reporting category for hardship issues for Bitter Pill.

▪ Miami Herald reporter Mimi Whitefield won in the beat reporting category for minority issues for a series of stories dubbed “Waves of Change: The Cuban-American community reacts to a new reality.”

▪ Miami Herald reporters Whitefield and Jim Wyss won in the beat reporting category for religion for coverage of Pope Francis’ visit to Cuba.


▪ Wilson Sayre, Sammy Mack and Daniel Chang won the general coverage category for WLRN-Miami Herald News for their stories “Falling Into The Gap: Florida’s Health Care Coverage Gap.”

Investigative Reporting

▪ The Florida Center for Investigative Reporting and WLRN News reporters Tristram Korten and Alicia Zuckerman won for investigative reporting for “In Florida, Officials Ban Term ‘Climate Change.’”

▪ Wilson Sayre, Julia Duba, Kenny Malone and Alicia Zuckerman from WLRN-Miami Herald News won for feature reporting for Two Stories From The End Of The Road about I-95.

▪ Tom Hudson, Wilson Sayre and WLRN-Miami Herald News staff won in the public affairs category for “The Sunshine Economy: On The Edge Of Adulthood” about what its like becoming an adult.


▪ WLRN Miami-Herald News won in the user-generated content category for Zip Odes, a poetic tribute to zip codes.

Spanish Language

▪ El Nuevo Herald reporters Enrique Flor and Brenda Medina won in the Investigative Reporting Print/Digital/Online category for Violencia doméstica en el sur de la Florida (Domestic Violence in South Florida.)