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Is Miami such a bad place to live? It’s ‘the worst,’ this study says

Miami is the worst city in America to live in, according to financial news and opinion website 24/7 Wall St.
Miami is the worst city in America to live in, according to financial news and opinion website 24/7 Wall St.

Miami has been called many nasty things over the years, but worse than Detroit? That’s a new low.

According to financial news and opinion website 24/7 Wall St., Miami is the worst city in America to live in. Worse than second-place Detroit. Worse than third-place Paterson, N.J.

Never mind that Miami has warm weather, world-famous beaches, cruise ships, tourists, a vibrant multicultural community, Art Basel, fashion models, cuisine of all kinds, exciting night life, and a soaring skyline. Still, 24/7 Wall St. says it’s better to live in frigid Detroit, based on number of economic and social indicators.

The study found that “Miami’s median home value of $245,000 is well above the national median of $181,200. However, with a median household income of only $31,917 a year, well below the national median of $53,657, most of these homes are either out of reach or a financial burden on most Miami residents.”

Like most of the cities that made the Worst Places to Live list, more than one in every four people in Miami live in poverty. According to recently released research from the nonprofit think tank the Economic Policy Institute, Miami has a much wider than normal gap between the city’s wealthiest and poorest residents.

The top 1 percent of earners in the Miami metro area make about $2 million annually, 45 times greater than the average income of the other 99 percent of earners. “This earnings gap makes the metro area nearly the most unequal of any U.S. city,’’ said 24/7 Wall St.

Another factor was the Miami area’s violent crime rate — 1,060 incidents per 100,000 people — which is several times higher than the national rate. That, the study says, leads to incarceration, unstable employment, lesser-educated children and anxiety.

In 2012, Forbes named Miami the nation’s “Most Miserable City,” followed by Detroit; Flint, Mich.; and West Palm Beach. In 2014, rated Miami the second-worst place to raise a child, trailing only Detroit.

By this point, our sun-soaked skin has gotten mighty thick.

Here are the 50 Worst Cities in America to Live In, according to 24/7 Wall St.

1. Miami, FL

2. Detroit, MI

3. Paterson, NJ

4. Hawthorne, CA

5. Fall River, MA

6. Birmingham, AL

7. Memphis, TN

8. Flint, MI

9. Cleveland, OH

10. Gary, IN

11. Westminster, CA

12. Jackson, MS

13. Dayton, OH

14. Buffalo, NY

15. St. Louis, MO

16. Canton, OH

17. Mount Vernon, NY

18. Rockford, IL

19. Wilmington, DE

20. Youngstown, OH

21. Albany, GA

22. Milwaukee, WI

23. Springfield, MA

24. Houston, TX

25. Camden, NJ

26. Baltimore, MD

27. Lawrence, MA

28. Lansing, MI

29. Springfield, IL

30. Knoxville, TN

31. Kansas City, MO

32. South Bend, IN

33. Akron, OH

34. Racine, WI

35. Lorain, OH

36. Peoria, IL

37. Tucson, AZ

38. Cincinnati, OH

39. Toledo, OH

40. Oakland, CA

41. Santa Barbara, CA

42. San Francisco, CA

43. Newark, NJ

44. New York, NY

45.Davis, CA

46. Washington, D.C.

47. Boston, MA

48. Chico, CA

49. Palo Alto, CA

50. Bellingham, WA

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