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Pink flamingos to soon greet guests at Zoo Miami

Zoo Miami’s flamingos in a temporary enclosure.
Zoo Miami’s flamingos in a temporary enclosure. Zoo Miami

Zoo Miami’s iconic flamingos are getting a new home and the public will soon be able to see them for free.

Starting July 15, the flamingos will cavort around a new entry plaza before the turnstiles where people need to present tickets to go inside.

The new plaza is part of a $44 million project that includes the Mission Everglades exhibit. Then in the winter, another new exhibit will be home to Florida panthers, black bears, bald eagles, alligators, crocodiles, otters and other natural wildlife.

While the new plaza is being constructed, the flock of flamingos live in a temporary pen with movable burlap walls. Zookeepers caught and restrained the tropical birds and first transferred them to the zoo hospital for a quick exam and to take samples of blood and feathers for identification and research purposes.