Miami-Dade County

Gunmen leave Miami man fighting for life after daylight home invasion

A man was left fighting for his life as shots were fired during an attempted robbery in Miami on Saturday afternoon.

Broad daylight did not deter armed robbers from entering a home at 1410 NW 58th Ter. and taking a man’s jewelry — and attempting to take his life.

“The wife was crying. She said, ‘Please help me. My husband’s been shot,’ ” said a woman who lives nearby.

The woman said that she saw what happened and now fears for her safety. She said she saw a black man jump out of a car before shooting the victim, believed to be in his 60s.

“He shot him twice and then he jumped into another car and just left,” she said. “And then a little boy came outside talking about, ‘My daddy got shot! Can somebody help me?’ And it was devastating because, heck, I’m a parent myself and I know how that would feel to have your child come out and say that the father got shot. I cried a little bit.”

Several of the victim’s friends and co-workers rushed over to the home after hearing the news.

Neighbor Oscar Escobar said that the man moved to the neighborhood from Honduras about four months ago with his wife and kids. He described him as a hard worker who lives a modest life, working to give his family a better life.

“That guy works hard for his family. Why should he have to come home and get robbed and shot in front of his family?”

Police said he was in critical but stable condition.