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This man was Tased 10 times and grabbed for a gun, cops say. It happened on a plane

Miami-Dade cops tase man accused of groping female passenger on plane at MIA

A man was tasered by Miami-Dade police repeatedly after refusing to leave an American Airlines plane on April 22. Police report states man allegedly groped a female passenger.
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A man was tasered by Miami-Dade police repeatedly after refusing to leave an American Airlines plane on April 22. Police report states man allegedly groped a female passenger.

A passenger on a Miami-to-Chicago flight was Tased 10 times and tried to grab an officer's gun, cops say, while fighting removal from the plane.

Chicago's Jacob Garcia, 28, first received special attention after a female passenger accused him of improperly touching her.

American Airlines said flight 2446, headed to Chicago's O'Hare airport, left at 10:34 p.m. Sunday, an hour behind schedule, with all scheduled passengers minus Jacob Garcia.

Garcia's return to Chicago will be even further behind schedule — he was booked into Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center on charges of battery, disorderly conduct, resisting an officer without violence, criminal mischief and attempting to deprive an officer with means of protection. As of Monday afternoon on $6,000 bond.

According to the arrest report, American Airlines manager Jose Biaggi dealt with a female passenger's improper touching accusation by moving Garcia to another seat. Garcia reacted by screaming insults at the woman and her boyfriend.

By that time, Miami-Dade police were called. Officers directed gate agents to get the passengers off the plane.

As passengers deplaned, the report said, Garcia got into a fight. Twitter poster Jabari Ennis (@PoleVaultDream) tweeted that Garcia "was harassing passengers and saying racial slurs to several people on board, including employees."

When cops got to Row 13, Garcia kept pulling away from them.

Officer Roody Desroches pulled out his "electronic control weapon," or ECW, commonly called a "Taser." The report reads:

"He discharged the ECW for one five-second cycle. Due to Mr. Garcia's clothing, one prong penetrated the area of his abdomen and the other to his clothing. Officer Desroches attempted a total of 10 deployments of his ECW for a duration of 50 seconds. Due to Mr. Garcia's actions and the close quarters of the engagement, Officer Desroches was unable to holster his ECW, which caused the number of cycles."

Garcia further delayed his departure — as well as the flight's — by entwining his legs with the aircraft seats. Police eventually got him to stand and walk off the aircraft.

But while taking him out of the terminal, police say Garcia went limp. As officers tried to pull him up, they say he grabbed Desroches' gun. Officer Desroches slapped Garcia's hand away, and Garcia made a second reach that Desroches parried.

American Airlines released a statement that read:

"On Sunday evening, a disagreement occurred between two passengers on American Airlines flight 2446 from Miami to Chicago O’Hare. The aircraft was still at the gate in Miami, and the instigating passenger was asked by our Miami team members to deplane and he refused. In accordance with our procedures, American began the process of deplaning the entire aircraft. During that process, a physical altercation between the same two passengers took place. Once law enforcement was on the aircraft, the passenger then became combative with the officers from the Miami-Dade Police Department. The same passenger was subsequently arrested by law enforcement. ... We thank our crews and airport customer service team for their excellent work in this situation."

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