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New video surfaces of FIU bridge collapse from view of driver who witnessed it

Instagram video shows collapse of FIU pedestrian bridge

A dashcam video shows the FIU pedestrian bridge falling on Thursday, March 15, 2018.
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A dashcam video shows the FIU pedestrian bridge falling on Thursday, March 15, 2018.

A new video posted Friday on Instagram shows the clearest view yet of the moment the Florida International University bridge collapsed.

The shocking footage, sped up, appears to be from a dash camera on a vehicle that came to a stop next to a school bus on Southwest Eighth Street several cars away from the bridge just before the span drops to the ground in one swift motion. Several drivers immediately get out of their cars and rush toward the rubble. Others pull away.

The video was posted Friday afternoon to Instagram by user @o2webdev. It provides a new perspective of the failure of a pedestrian bridge meant to connect FIU with the city of Sweetwater over eight lanes of traffic on Eighth Street. At least six people died in the collapse, and authorities are cleaning up the rubble, removing and identifying the dead and investigating the cause.

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The only other video that has surfaced thus far was a grainy clip that appeared to be filmed over someone’s shoulder at a state-owned traffic monitoring center. It appeared online Thursday evening.

A county spokeswoman, Karla Damian, said the county's Traffic Management Center in Doral, which monitors more than 100 intersection cameras, found about the collapse through the media. Damian said it too late to preserve the incident before it was erased by new footage in the video system's rolling 30-minute recording loop.

"By the time that staff at the TMC attempted to access the video camera, it was already beyond the 30-minute threshold and our staff could not go back to the time of the collapse," Damian said in a statement Friday.

She noted the center's staff can only monitor a fraction of the county's intersection cameras at any one time. The bridge collapse halted traffic going both ways on one of the county's busiest east-west roads. Miami-Dade is in the early stages of installing surveillance equipment that can monitor intersections automatically.

Miami-Dade police are asking the public send in pictures and videos from the accident to aid in the invesigation. Anyone with information regarding the collapse is urged to contact the the Homicide Bureau at 305-471-2421 or 305-471-2400. Deputies are asking people to send any video(s) to

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The recovery effort continued Saturday morning as crews removed two of the crushed vehicles from beneath the rubble. Three of the known six victims were inside those vehicles.

First responders held a moment of silence for each body removed from the remains of the bridge. Officials hope to have all of the cars and bodies removed by the end of Saturday.

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