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Family seeks to set record for longest electric bike ride

The hopes for a new world record have begun.

The Camper Clan family, two parents and their two toddlers, is on the road again, and this time the aim is to break the Guinness world record for the longest electric bicycle ride.

The goal is to pedal and travel 6,200 miles across the United States — as a family. And they hope the adventure will finish in Miami sometime in January. They are filming it all in the additional hope of making a full-length documentary.

The Camper Clan is Tomas Cortijo, Dylan Drake, and their little ones, Eva, 3, and Constantino, 2. They recently completed a journey spending one year on the road crossing the Americas by car.

But biking is their passion.

Cortijo spent countless hours researching online and finally ordered all the parts he needed to build his current electric bicycle.

“Our family’s passion for electric bicycles was first ignited while living in Southern California,” said Drake, who calls herself the family matriarch. “Tomas had a long commute to work, too long to do with a regular bike, but didn’t want to spend two hours a day stuck in traffic. He had already developed a love for electric vehicles, having built his own electric kayak for ocean fishing. So it was an idea that developed organically — to find a way to motorize his bicycle.”

“We have been hooked on electric bicycles ever since. People have asked us over the years why we ride electric bicycles instead of traditional bicycles. The truth is, we love both,” she said. “Riding a bicycle or electric bicycle instead of driving a car is an uplifting experience. You feel the sun and the wind and taste freedom, you connect with the outdoors, and you move your body — all while contributing to a greener planet.”

The couple met in California. Cortijo is from Buenos Aires, and Drake is from Missoula, Montana, where they will make their home. Together they hope to raise their children speaking Spanish and English while they learn about the world.

The journey began Aug. 23. Cortijo is pedaling while Drake drives the support vehicle with Eva and Constantino.

Already the little team has traveled through areas including Glacier National Park and the badlands of eastern Montana. The route will take them south of the Great Lakes, north to Maine, then south along the East Coast to Miami.

You can follow them daily at And you can help with their film project at

Be sure to watch the inspiring and adorable video on their Kickstarter page.

Drake and Cortijo will change a lot of diapers and find, or invent, a lot of potties for their toddlers on this very long road trip.

They are pedaling fast now, focusing on getting in the miles before winter snows and freezing temperatures set in.

“So far, we have been extremely lucky and have been able to avoid several storms and cold fronts that have moved through Montana,” Cortijo said. “We’ve also been making great time with a steady tailwind to our backs. We’re crossing our fingers that our good luck lasts.”

Mostly, they aim to inspire others.

“For six months we will circle the continental U.S. together as a family, with Tomas riding his electric bike while I drive the support vehicle with our two toddlers. We’ll be filming every step of the way so that we can share this adventure with a broader audience and help educate the public about electric bicycles,” Drake said.

“We encourage everyone to try to find ways every week to get out of their car,” she said. “As you head out the door, stop a moment and think: Do I need to drive there? Or can I walk, bike, or e-bike? Every choice counts and makes a difference — not just for you, but for the whole planet.”


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