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New, spa-like maternity unit opens at Jackson Memorial Hospital

Standing in a spacious, hotel-like hospital room, Steven Burghart, CEO at the Women’s Hospital at Jackson Memorial and Holtz Children’s Hospital, declared a new era of delivering babies.

On Wednesday morning, mothers and their newborn children will benefit from a $6 million renovation project with upgraded maternity suites, surgery rooms and a neonatal intensive care unit.

“It’s eye-catching,” Burghart said. “The actual bedside scene has taken a revolutionary step.”

The 20 new rooms, which cater to postpartum mothers and their newborn children, have plenty of space for friends and family to visit. They are all private and have closets to store luggage and valuables.

It is a striking contrast between the new suites and those awaiting renovation. A short walk down the hallway feels like traveling years into the past. The walls are a dingy shade of yellow, instead of the bright blue aesthetic of the new maternity unit. In old suites, two mothers are crammed into each room rather then enjoying their own space.

“It’s a spa-like environment,” Burghart said about the new space. “You’ve just had a baby, so it’s good for things to be calm.”

The renovations include a family waiting lounge, dubbed the “dad lounge,” said Indra Battle-Triana, the chief nursing officer. Fathers can work on their laptops or entertain young children inside.

Before a mother leaves the hospital, she will be offered information on child care in a room dedicated to family education. The new space signifies a greater emphasis on maternal education, said Vicki Vertich, the maternal family health liaison.

Breast feeding rooms also dot the floor of the renovated space for employees at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Prior to her stay in the spa-like floor, a mother can also expect her care in the delivery room to be improved by the renovation.

The neonatal intensive care unit, with 126 beds for newborns, is revamped and prepared to handle any cases of premature birth or medical complications during delivery.

For surgeries, there are five new operating rooms stocked with state-of-the-art equipment.

When a mother is ready to leave the hospital, a small celebration cake will be delivered to her suite before she exits with a new baby in her arms.