Miami-Dade County

Attempted shooting at UM disrupts last day of Summer A classes; no one is injured

An attempted shooting shook the University of Miami’s Coral Gables campus Friday morning after an armed woman entered the School of Communication building and allegedly tried to shoot a man in the equipment room.

The woman entered the building and got into an argument with a man in the equipment room on the ground floor at 11:45 a.m. on the final day of Summer A testing, Coral Gables police said.

Eyewitness Roger Sierra, a 24-year-old anthropology student, was entering the building at the time and saw a man and a woman in what appeared to be a lovers’ quarrel in the hallway.

“They both looked very calm,” Sierra said. “Looking back on it now it seemed as if they guy was trying to defuse the situation.”

As Sierra moved away from the argument, down a few steps and into another hallway, he saw two police officers rounding the corner.

At the end of the hall was an ammunition magazine with one round in it, Sierra said.

He said that as he looked back, he saw the man and woman walking toward police and the woman lying on the ground and being arrested.

Coral Gables police spokesperson Kelly Denham said one round was discharged during the altercation but no one was hit. Previous reports of an injury and someone being carried out on a stretcher were not accurate.

The building was locked down as Coral Gables and University of Miami police responded to the scene.

Coral Gables police have the suspect, who has not been named, in custody. Charges are pending.