Miami-Dade County

Boat catches fire in Miami marina

A family of seven jumped ship when their boat caught fire Sunday morning.

Fire engulfed the 24-foot Bayliner boat and charred the Dinner Key Marina dock in Miami after the owner attempted to start the engine, said Lt. Ignatius E. Carroll, Miami Fire Rescue spokesman.

The owner first sensed something wasn’t right when he placed his boat in the water and added gas and oil to the motor.

As the owner started the engine, he heard a loud pop,which was followed by smoke.

As flames began to rise, the family jumped onto the dock, escaping with only minor scratches. Miami Fire Rescue responded to the call at around 9 a.m with fire crews and a fire boat.

Upon arrival, officials evaluated the family and removed the boat from the water, putting out the fire with hose lines from land and boat units.

Carroll cautioned boaters who are unsure about the proper way to fuel their vessels to speak with a professional.

On June 13, a boat also caught fire near the Dinner Key Marina.