Miami-Dade County

Man killed in police-involved shooting in Miami-Dade flea market parking lot

A Coral Gables police officer, in a joint operation with Miami-Dade police, shot and killed a man at a flea market in North Central Miami-Dade Thursday night.

Miami-Dade police said the Gables officer, whose name wasn't released, fired into an SUV in the parking lot of Flea Market USA on Northwest 79th Street and 31st Avenue at 8:22 p.m.

Police didn't report if the man had a weapon of any kind but hadn't ruled out that the officer felt threatened by the truck.

The Gables police officer was a member of the city's newly created Strategic Initiatives Team, sources said. It was unclear late Thursday why he was so far outside the city limits, or what the joint operations team was investigating.

Miami-Dade police Det. Roy Rutland said Miami-Dade officers on the scene didn't fire their weapons. The Gables officer fired his weapon from outside the vehicle.

Police did not identify the victim but described him as a white male.