Miami-Dade County

49ers QB Colin Kaepernick and two others cleared in Miami sex probe

Investigators from the Miami-Dade state attorney’s office found no evidence that a woman had been drugged or sexually assaulted in the Miami hotel room of NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick two months ago.

A report released Thursday cleared the San Francisco 49ers star and two other NFL players of wrongdoing in a strange case involving a woman who admitted she was uncertain about what happened on April 1 in the Viceroy Hotel and that police, paramedics and hotel security reported was highly agitated, at one point “screaming incoherently about Jesus and devils.’’

The two-month investigation by Miami police found only marijuana in the woman’s system, and concluded that she had not engaged in sex that night with Kaepernick, 49ers receiver Quinton Patton or Seattle Seahawk wideout Ricardo Lockette.

“As a consequence, the office of the state attorney will close this investigation as ‘exceptionally cleared,’ ” prosecutors wrote in a close-out memo.

Kaepernick tweeted about the state attorney’s findings shortly before football practice began Thursday.

“As I said from day one, I would never do the things that were made up about me. I’m glad this issue is resolved. It’s time for football,” the Sacramento Bee first reported.

In April, the 25-year-old woman who is believed to be from Atlanta, went to police saying she had been in Kaepernick’s apartment at the Viceroy Hotel and passed out after doing bong hits and shots with the three ballplayers. She said the next thing she remembered was being at the hospital, and that she wasn’t certain if any of the players had sex with her while she was passed out.

A rape test came back negative and video from the hotel showed nothing out of the ordinary. Witnesses recalled the woman wandering about the apartment naked, telling other women there they had to leave for their own safety.

The investigation also found that she met Kaepernick in Atlanta about a year earlier, where the two had a sexual relationship. Afterward, she followed him on social media and when she learned he was going to be in Miami, she showed up at his apartment.

Records show the woman was sedated and taken by paramedics from the apartment to Jackson Memorial Hospital as a “Baker Act,” which allows others to admit her without her consent.