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The question man: Former cop leaves Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra speechless

LeBron James couldn’t contain his laughter after the Spurs’ 111-92 win over the Heat Tuesday night. His laugh has now gone viral because of one reporter’s questions.

Bobby Ramos — who runs radio show Bobby Ramos’ Bottomline — asked the memorable questions of the night.

A retired Connecticut police officer, Ramos got the call and asked Heat coach Erik Spoelstra: “ How does a team in their fourth Finals come out in The Finals, their first home game and get beat to the ball to get stomped the way they did? The kind of heart that your championship team has, to come out tonight like they did mentally has to be something that's a problem. ”

Spoelstra, who seemed annoyed with the question, replied with one word:


Ramos said he understood why Spoelstra answered the way he did, being angry and disappointed and all.

“I’m a Heat fan,” Ramos said. “That team we saw last night, that’s not the Heat. I asked questions I think the fans would want to ask.”

When Ramos asked James and Dwyane Wade his question mentioning the team’s “lackluster” play, he received a different response. Wade took the question while James laughed alongside.

After hearing reporters ask players “throwaway questions,” Ramos said he wanted to ask the tough questions.

Like James, the video has social media laughing, with people tweeting with the hashtag #BobbyRamos.

Getting into the Heat pressroom is a coveted spot. NBA spokesman Tim Frank said there is a selection process for media outlets to get credentials for games.

“With our league being international, we have media outlets from all over the world who make requests for credentials,” he said.

The NBA has a history of selecting media members who have experience covering the league, Frank said.

Ramos has been on the radio for 15 years. But it’s not his first time dealing with Internet fame. In 2011, he said he reportedly asked Kobe Bryant some questions that also went viral. On Ramos’ website, which crashed from the latest attention, he is pictured with celebrities including Shaquille O’Neal and Magic Johnson.

A quote on Ramos’ website, "If you have a microphone, you have a responsibility to make your opinions known,” is one he lives by.

Ramos said he will be back in the pressroom for Game 4 Thursday night in Miami.

And he’s bringing his questions with him.

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