Miami-Dade County

Three hospitalized after unexplained shootings at Soar Park in Little River

Three people were shot Wednesday night at Soar Park in Little River, leaving a chaotic trail of blood and bullet casings that police were still trying to piece together well into the evening.

According to police, two adult males and a 17-year-old girl were taken to the Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital. The men were reported to be in stable condition. The girl, shot in the neck or head, was listed as critical. Witnesses told police she was an innocent bystander sitting on a park bench when shot.

“We’re trying to decipher if some of the victims are shooters,” said Miami-Dade police detective Roy Rutland.

Soar Park is at North Miami Court and Northeast 83rd Street. The shooting took place in the parking lot, which late Wednesday was taped off with a dark BMW parked inside and bullet casings scattered about.

Just down the block, police also taped off Sam’s Food Mart where they were inspecting a red Camaro that could have been involved in the crime.

Rutland said police were receiving conflicting statements about the shootings.

At one point Wednesday, two cops grabbed a man wearing a white tank top and blue jeans from a street corner, searched him, cuffed him, put him in a patrol car and drove off.

The park is just a block from busy Northeast 82nd Street and equally busy North Miami Avenue, but it is in a residential community with single-family homes facing it.

One woman who was working in a home across from the park said she heard the gunshots, then everything went silent.

“At first we thought it was firecrackers; nobody was screaming,” she said.

Another woman who didn't want to give her name said she saw as many as four cars race away after the shooting.

Another woman approached police trying to retrieve the black BMW in the parking lot of the park, saying the car was hers. Police told her she’d have to wait until detectives cleared the scene and that her car could be evidence.

She arrived with three male friends, all outwardly disgusted by the shootings.

“There's always something with this park. This ain’t the first time. Why do you think we don't play basketball here,” one man said. “They got to get rid of it. I'll bulldoze it myself.”