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In Miami, Venezuelans demonstrate in support of students back home

Hundreds of South Florida Venezuelans staged a demonstration in downtown Miami Sunday in support of opposition students in their country who in recent days have clashed with the government of President Nicolas Maduro.

Up to 700 Venezuelans gathered at the Torch of Friendship at Bayfront Park, many carrying flags and placards denouncing the Maduro government.

According to news reports, as many as three Venezuelans, two of them students, have been killed during the clashes. Scores of others have been injured. After five days of clashes, Maduro has banned street demonstrations and refused the students demand that he step down.

Alejandro Feniche, 43, who has lived in Miami for the past 20 years, was among those who took part in the demonstration.

“People were there to say Venezuela I love you and I'm with you,” he said of the protest.

Jose Machado, 26, a Miami Dade College student born in Caracas, was there to show solidarity with the students.

“I went to the protest because I'm a student and I identify with what young people in my country are going through,” he said. “Venezuelans have already gone through so much and it's a shame that this is happening.”

Social media has been chronicling the demonstrations as Venezuelans outside the country are trying to attract international attention on the attacks on the students.

El Nuevo Herald staffer Daysi Calavia-Lopez contributed to this report.

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