Miami-Dade County

Wild shootout at Golden Glades Tri-Rail station leaves security guard, suspect in critical condition

A Tri-Rail security guard and a suspect were in critical, but stable condition Friday following a shooting at the Golden Glades station. A second guard was released from Jackson Memorial Hospital after being treated for minor injuries.

The wild shootout unfolded Thursday afternoon, spilling from a train, onto the platform and then into the road.

No commuters were injured.

“The security guards responded regarding a disturbance,” Miami-Dade police spokesman Robin Pinkard said. “Shots ended up being fired from both parties.”

Guards James Errante, 62, and Lester Anderson, 52, boarded the train to investigate a call of a suspicious man, possibly armed. The guards removed the suspect, John Miller, 34, from the train at the Golden Glades station between 4 and 5 p.m..

The confrontation then turned violent.

In the tussle, the guards and the suspect rolled onto the tracks, with Miller disarming and shooting Errante, and then turning to point the gun at Anderson.

Anderson drew his gun and fired at Miller, wounding him. The suspect then ran, dodging heavy traffic on northbound State Road 9.

He tried to commandeer a passing Metrobus, but when the driver didn’t open the door, Miller crawled underneath to hide from the pursuing police. Miami-Dade officers then took the suspect into custody with the help of the Florida Highway Patrol.

"The driver did what she was supposed to do," Florida Highway Patrol spokesman Joe Sanchez told reporters. "She locked the doors. He was not able to get on the bus. If not we would have had a different situation."

Police charged Miller with attempted murder.