Miami-Dade County

Zoo Miami’s last surviving lion cub shipped to Baltimore for a better life

Zoo Miami has sent its lone surviving lion cub North in the hopes she’ll have a better life.

The three-month old critter was sent to Maryland Zoo in Baltimore to be hand-raised alongside two other cubs of similar age, Zoo Miami announced Tuesday.

She is the only survivor of a three-cub litter born at Zoo Miami on Sept. 24. Their birth was a momentous occasion: they were the first lions born at the zoo in its 33-year history.

The two male cubs died of apparent maternal neglect and from what may have been a congenital condition, according to the zoo.

Since lion cubs are social creatures, Zoo Miami staff decided it would be better to send the surviving little lioness to be with other cubs.

“We feel very fortunate to have connected with the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore which has agreed to accept the cub,” Zoo Miami announced in a press release. “The ultimate goal will be to properly socialize this cub so that she can be successfully introduced into a pride as an adult.”

The popular Southwest Miami-Dade attraction has suffered a string of deaths recently, including the passing of an 41-year old Asian elephant named Maude that died the week of Thanksgiving, apparently of severe constipation. Carlita, a 21-year old white tiger, was euthanized in September after getting sick. And Mohan, a 44-year-old Indian Rhino, and Tevi, a 13-year-old Malayan tigress died on the same day back in January.

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