Miami-Dade County

Police remain mum on father shot dead in Little River neighborhood

The day after Thanksgiving, a teddy bear holding flowers sat upright against a front porch column at a Little River home, a thick, smeared blood stain on the ground nearby – a reminder of a man who got shot and killed the night before.

Miami-Dade police weren’t saying much, and neighbors seemed to know little about what actually occurred. All police would say is that they are continuing to search for whoever killed the man shortly after 8 p.m. Thursday, a father of seven, who neighbors said was called out of his home at 2150 NW 100th St. before falling to the fatal blast.

Police didn’t release the man’s name Friday, but neighbors said they believed his name was Craig Garvin. Ten numbered markers blanketed the porch of the shabby light-blue semi-detached home, signifying either blood stains or bullet casings.

Two older model cars sat in the driveway, a navy blue Nissan and a Dodge van. Both had expired license plates. The Nissan had a cracked windshield.

Not long after the shooting Thursday, the victim’s daughter Cranisha Garvin told reporters, “No one was expecting this to happen. It was Thanksgiving.”

Friday, the home was empty.

Neighbors in the home attached to Garvin’s who didn’t want to be identified said they returned home after the shooting, and saw the body on the ground, and some police milling about. They said his wife is referred to as “TK” They said she was escorted to the hospital after the shooting after complaining of chest pains.

“Someone told me they called him outside, and as soon as he came out, they shot him,” said one neighbor. “Never no drama with him, never nothing. I see him take his kids to school all the time.”

Anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 305-471-8477.