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Mourning at Zoo Miami: Second of trio of lion cubs dies; elephant severely constipated

Zoo Miami is in mourning again.

The second of three lion cubs born in September has died, zoo spokesman Ron Magill announced on Tuesday.

The male cub began showing weakness and trembling in his hind legs last week, went into cardiac arrest and died.

Last month, a sibling cub died of maternal neglect.

The surviving female cub is showing similar symptoms and the zoo’s medical staff is providing care, Magill said.

Also posing a medical concern to the zoo: the status of Maude, an Asian elephant unable to move her bowels.

Maude is showing symptoms of a severely impacted digestive tract, which also has resulted in a loss of appetite.

After consulting with some of the top veterinary experts around the country, the veterinary staff is working very closely with the elephant department keepers in trying to get Maude to pass the blockage through a variety of treatments including enemas, mineral oil, wheat bran, soft/wet browse, and electrolyte rich fluids, Magill said.