Miami-Dade County

Miami's Top 5: What you should know Thursday

1. Miami Beach voters became the first in Florida to call for the decriminalization of marijuana for medical use in a Tuesday vote that gives a glimpse of statewide support for the issue.

2. A friendship is gone, and Jonathan Martin is undergoing treatment for what has made Richie Incognito a national villain, but Dolphins players side more with Incognito.

3. On the same night the city of Miami Gardens was responding to a rash of recent shootings in the area, an 11-year-old was transported to the hospital after being shot.

4. For the first time since the 1970s, the number of Americans who get their TV from cable or satellite is falling.

5. Five hours have been set aside for Thursday's "stand your ground" hearing in the Florida House, where changes to the law, including its repeal, will be considered.