Miami-Dade County

Miami-Dade firefighters rescue tiny kittens at MIA

Prompted by noise — one can only guess meowing — rescuers on Saturday came to the aid of three kittens stuck in a ceiling at Miami International Airport .

Around 4 p.m. in the airport’s Concourse J, home to US Airways and several international airlines, the MIA-based Miami-Dade Fire Rescue crew and airport staffers freed the tiny creatures. They were not hurt, according to a fire rescue spokesman.

A noise complaint led to the rescue.

It was unclear how the gray and white kittens found their way into the ceiling or where their mother was.

But their immediate fate was well documented. Photos released by the fire department showed one kitten being fed with an oral syringe, another being held by a lieutenant and all three apparently squirming in the gloved grasp of a smiling rescuer.

Their story quickly made its way to social media and TV news websites. The airport’s Twitter feed, @iflymia, posted a photo and this message: “Three rescued at #MiamiAirport...kittens that is!”

MIA’s Facebook page asks, “Got Kittens?” but the more appropriate question to the public might be: Want kittens?

As the site goes on to say: “Now these little guys need a home.”

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