Miami-Dade County

Miami’s Top 5: What you should know Monday

1. The Gus Boulis murder case has all the ingredients of a messy mob hit. The trial, which continues Monday, has all the trappings of New York’s mafia underworld: money, power, betrayal and sex. For the first time in Broward County in 30 years, a jury has been sequestered for the duration of the trial.

2. The University of Miami football team is starting the week in the Top 10 rankings for the first time since being ranked No. 8 four years ago. Next game for the Canes: Thursday night against North Carolina.

3. Stone crab season begins Tuesday, which means the delectable claws will be returning soon to a restaurant near you. The harvest continues through mid-May.

4. After a party boat flipped in Biscayne Bay, authorities are looking into whether the craft should have been on the water.

5. South Florida’s weather starts off this week as mild and mostly dry. Rain chance is 10 percent and it feels a bit cooler. Highs will be in the mid-80s and lows in the low-70s.