Miami-Dade County

Arrest made in murder of South Miami-Dade teen dumped at construction site

A Homestead man has been arrested and charged with the murder of an 18-year-old girl who was found last week dumped at a South Miami-Dade construction site.

Acccording to an arrest report, Fernando Granados, 20, confessed to strangling Tiffany Cabreja, 18, while another man beat her at the construction site.

The three had been smoking crack cocaine at a nearby park in Leisure City, according to the report. They wound up at the construction site, where Cabreja was killed.

Officers found her beaten and strangled, a ligature around her neck and a bag around her head, according to an arrest report by Miami-Dade Detective Michael Brajdic.

Granados later confessed to another person, who repeated the story to police.

Investigators had been working around the clock to find the killer of Cabreja, who was found murdered at a construction site near Southwest 288th Street and 144th Avenue.

Witnesses initially told police that they saw what appeared to be a body fall out of a distinct white open-caged cargo bed truck. A five-foot-nine, black-haired man in his 30s got out and put the body back in the truck. He sported a dark T-shirt and jeans.

Not long after, Miami-Dade police officers discovered Cabreja at the nearby construction site.

Earlier this week, detectives questioned a man believed to be connected to the truck, and he was later released after police determined no connection to the murder. Also earlier this week, Cabreja’s relatives and friends held an emotional vigil at the site where she was found dead.