Miami-Dade County

17-year-old accused in shooting death of elderly man at Opa-locka parking lot

Miami-Dade police have arrested a suspect in the shooting death of Miguel Piloto, the 71-year Opa-locka resident whose slaying in a supermarket parking last month was caught on surveillance cameras.

The suspect was identified as Royal Jamal Jackson, 17.

Piloto was shot as he was getting into his car in the parking lot of the Top Value Supermarket in the 13900 block of Northwest 27th Avenue around 4:20 p.m. August 21.

A young man on a bicycle rode up to Piloto, pulled out a gun and shot him.

The crime was captured on surveillance video and there was also video of the suspect inside the supermarket before the shooting.

Police said the gunman appeared to be casing the parking lot in search of a victim to rob.

Piloto’s nephew, Roberto Miranda, told el Nuevo Herald his uncle was entering his car to go home when the robber approached him on the bike and demanded Piloto hand over a watch and a bracelet. When Piloto did not oblige, the robber aimed a gun at him and fired.

Miranda said that, according to police, two anonymous calls identified Jackson as the shooter after the suveillance video was made public.

Miranda said the family was pleased police made an arrest in the case, but now must contend with a lengthy process to obtain justice.

"And my uncle is dead," Miranda told el Nuevo Herald.

Piloto was retired and had come to the United States from Cuba 19 years ago, family members said. When he died, he had only $22 in his wallet and the watch he refused to give the robber. Miranda said his uncle was not wearing a bracelet when the robber approached.