Miami-Dade County

Miami’s Top 5: What to know Friday

1. The attorneys for two political operatives charged in an absentee-ballot probe will appear in court for their clients, who will plead no contest as part of a deal with prosecutors. The operatives for Miami mayoral candidate Francis Suarez, Esteban “Steve” Suarez and Juan Pablo Baggini, were charged with attempting to request absentee ballots for 20 voters.

2. Frustrated with property insurance in Florida? Citizens, the insurer of last resort in the state, is paying $21.7 million to hire a company that will allow homeowners to compare homeowner policies offered in the private market.

3. Who’s at the top of the high school football world in South Florida? The Central High Rockets are the top team. The Miami Herald lists them all with their season outlooks.

4. Heat and thunderstorms are expected through the weekend, with highs around 90 (whew, it’ll feel like 95) and a rain chance of 40 percent.

5. Muslim leader Hafiz Kahn faces the bleak prospect of dying in prison. On Friday, a federal judge could sentence the 78-year-old imam to as many as 60 years in prison after a Miami jury convicted him on four terrorism offenses in March.