Miami-Dade County

Jackson reports third quarter budget surplus

Jackson Health System announced its third quarter financial results with a budget surplus of nearly $3.6 million in July, exceeding expectations. This brings the public hospital’s surplus for the 2012-2013 fiscal year to more than $29 million.

“Even as our financial goals become more ambitious during the last months of the fiscal year, Jackson Health System continues achieving our budget,” CEO Carlos Migoya said in a prepared statement. The surplus for the past three quarters combined represents a $46.6 million turnaround from the same period last year,

Inpatient admissions for the year to date have increased 10 percent over last year. Combined with an improvement in helping uninsured patients register for Medicaid or other assistance, the increase could be a positive indicator of Jackson’s long-term potential for growth.

While Jackson attracts many seriously ill patients, the report shows their hospital stays are higher than targeted, an area for improvement. Administrative delays keep patients in the hospital longer than necessary, and can be reduced with better time management tools, Migoya said.