Miami-Dade County

Miami’s Top 5: What you should know Monday

1. According to NASA, one of the best light shows of the year was viewable last night through early this morning. The annual Perseids meteor shower peaked, promising up to 60 to 70 meteors, or shooting stars, per hour. Don’t worry if you missed it, the shower will also be viewable, albeit in a less spectacular form, overnight Monday through Tuesday morning.

2. There’s a 0% chance of rain today, but clouds might offer some relief from the heat. However, there’s still a high of 88, so don’t get too excited.

3. Should the mayor of one town serve as a lawyer for another? In the wake of Michael Pizzi’s arrest, the feds are saying that his unique position in two different governments is what helped him carry out a scheme to fleece federal grant money.

4. The Marlins lost to the Atlanta Braves 9-4 on Sunday, only managing two hits after the second inning. Their next game is tonight against the Kansas City Royals.

5. Today only a concrete slab, Dixie Pool used to be the heartbeat of Hallandale Beach’s black community. The city has been promising a new pool since the first’s closure in 1991 and, to the excitement of residents, they are finally making good on that promise.