Miami-Dade County

Robbery suspect bails out on turnpike, runs through neighborhood with cash

A robbery suspect on the run from a police pursuit crashed his car near the Golden Glades toll plaza on Florida's Turnpike, bailed out, jumped a fence and ran through a surrounding neighborhood while clutching a wad of cash.

The suspect, caught and followed on camera by a WSVN-Fox 7 TV helicopter, tried to carjack a woman outside of her house during his run, dropping some of the cash along the way. Unable to get the keys to the car, he then ran through the yards of several homes, including one of a Miami police officer, his squad car parked in the driveway.

Jogging aimlessly down a residential road alongside the turnpike, the suspect was finally approached by a lone police officer, who held the suspect at gunpoint and ordered him to the ground. The officer didn't move in to make an arrest until backup arrived a couple of minutes later.

Officers from Miami-Dade and Miami Gardens then swarmed the street as the suspect was led to a police car.

The investigation is delaying northbound traffic along the Interstate 95 ramp to the turnpike at the Golden Glades.