Miami-Dade County

Dad arrested after 3-year-old found wandering apartment with arsenal inside

The father of a 3-year-old was arrested Thursday after police found the girl wandering an apartment complex the day before and discovering an arsenal inside her unit.

Luis Bianchi, 25, of 922 SW Third St. in Miami, was charged with child neglect.

Miami police are still investigating the discovery of a grenade, multiple assault rifles and rounds of ammunition found at the apartment on Wednesday evening.

Police discovered the arsenal after receiving a call at about 6:30 p.m. of the 3-year-old girl alone, wandering the building's halls.

They located the girl and, after speaking with neighbors, found her father’s apartment where the door was slightly opened.

Miami police spokesman William Moreno said police didn't find any adults when they entered the apartment, but found the collection of weapons and ammo.

“We’re trying to understand the reason for him leaving a 3-year-old alone, but also leaving them alone with this arsenal,” Moreno said.

The child was taken to the Miami police station and police have contacted a family member, but did not immediately locate the girl’s parents.

According to the arrest report, Bianchi went to the Miami police station and told detectives he left his daughter at the apartment and the girl's mother was on her way there. He said he sat his daughter in front of the TV and put a couch against the door of the room containing the weapons.

Police said the couch was not completely blocking the door.